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20 Self-Care Twitter Accounts to Get You Through this Global Pandemic

Feb 19, 2021

With the current COVID-19 outbreak raging on, many have been placed under quarantine and are forced to stay inside their homes. Social distancing and the lack of social activities have caused many to feel anxious and overwhelmed.

To help you manage your stress levels in these uncertain times, we’ve collected over a dozen Twitter accounts known for their practical advice, tips, and resources on practicing self-care.

International Federation of Social Workers (@IFSW)

Stay on top of the latest news and updates from social workers all over the world with the IFSW’s official Twitter page. Their organization is the official body of social workers around the globe who strive for sustainable social development and the promotion of responsible practices in their field. Their account also has a ton of advice and helpful recommendations on how to practice social distancing while still managing to help your local community.

Self-Care Meets Soul-Care (@savorbeauty)

On this Twitter page, Angela Kim, an entrepreneur and the founder of Savor/Beauty, often talks about balancing her obligations with her mental health. She also gives a lot of useful advice to working mothers on handling disappointing setbacks, ways to deal with stressful changes, and how to reach their full potential despite having a heavy workload.

Self-Care Bot (@selfcare_bot)

Every hour, the Self-Care Bot created by Alayna Cole (@AlaynaMCole) reminds people to look after themselves, both physically and mentally. In addition to motivational quotes and validations, it also tweets practical and easy-to-do self-care tips, like staying hydrated, taking a relaxing bath, and finding a creative outlet to express your innermost thoughts.

Self-Care by Aisha (@AishaMooreMPH)

Aisha Moore, an experienced health educator who advises professional women on how to cope with stress and avoid burnout, is one of the best Twitter accounts to follow for information and ideas on self-care practices. She frequently encourages professionals and working women to be mindful of themselves and their needs and also tweets recommendations from other experts on how to practice self-care despite feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

Self-Care Psychology (@SelfCarePsy)

The Self-Care Psychology page provides support and guidance to Human Services professionals who are at risk of trauma and fatigue. The Twitter account is managed by its co-founder, Sass Boucher, M.Sc., a registered counselor and psychotherapist who offers tips on how to stay connected with friends and family while social distancing. Additionally, it features tips from experts in the field who offer their insights and experiences on practicing self-care in times of uncertainty.

Dr. Jay Miller (@DrJayMiller1)

As the Dean of the University of Kentucky College of Social Work and the Director of the Self-Care Lab, Dr. Jay Miller’s Twitter account encourages others to be more mindful of their mental wellbeing and to take more time to care for themselves. In addition to promoting social work, he is also currently helping raise awareness for organizations and charities aiding the fight against COVID-19.

Social Workers for Reproductive Justice (@SocialWorkersRJ)

The Social Workers for Reproductive Justice is a US-based organization composed of professionals in the field who promote reproductive justice and help people all over the country meet their reproductive healthcare needs. Recently, they have been fighting to include homeless and undocumented immigrants in the COVID-19 testing, treatment, and relief packages. Moreover, they have a lot of important resources to help those stuck in quarantine be aware of issues often overlooked by traditional media outlets.

Self-Care Sundays Podcast (@SelfCareSundays)

Hosted by Aditi Juneja, Jess Talwar, and Cato Zane, the Self-Care Sundays Podcast takes a look into how individuals belonging to marginalized communities practice self-care. The podcast’s official Twitter page publishes helpful infographics on managing anxiety and frustration in these stressful times, as well as advice on reconnecting with yourself and the people around you. There are also a lot of quotes to inspire and encourage others to be happier and more content with themselves.

Shahida Arabia, M.A. (@selfcarehaven)

Shahida Arabia is the author of the Amazon bestseller “Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare,” and has been featured on numerous media outlets including The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and Bustle. Recently, she has been giving tips to followers on how to stay on top of their mental health despite self-isolating and quarantining. She has also posted various resources, charities, and organizations for those who want to do more to help fight against this global pandemic but have no idea how to.

Self-Care Doc (@drjanet)

Created by Dr. Janet Taylor, a psychiatrist, self-care coach, and lifestyle columnist, the Self-Care Doc is an online program helping people achieve a work-life balance by integrating self-care practices into their daily routines. It is a four-step process comprised of the following: self-awareness, self-compassion, self-confidence, and self-action, which many followers who are in the corporate world or who live fast-paced lifestyles, have found helpful. The program’s official Twitter page contains encouragement, short reflections, and self-care tips written by Dr. Taylor herself. She has also been recently tweeting about how to maintain one’s wellbeing and mental health amid the outbreak.

Sarah (@SelfCarePursuit)

Sarah, a certified Health and Wellness Coach, and healthcare provider with over 15 years of experience, blogs about self-care and mindfulness. In addition to her fascinating and helpful articles, her Twitter account also contains resources, tips, and information on ways to be more mindful of your physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Practical Self-Care (@everydaycarebot)

This Twitter page has hundreds of resources that offer practical and easy self-care tips, along with recommendations and calls to action. Its tips are manageable and simple, perfect for individuals with a tight schedule and are feeling overwhelmed by having to work from home. Most of its suggestions, such as correcting your posture, breaking down a big task into smaller steps, and deleting unimportant e-mails, can be done in 30 seconds or less.

This Podcast Is Self-Care (@thispodselfcare)

In their self-care podcast, comedians Cait Raft and Drew Spears discuss interesting topics in the world of self-care with a variety of industry experts and professionals. Their episodes include skincare regiments, coping with stress while moving across the country, pottery classes as a way to reconnect with yourself, and more. While their Twitter page is mostly focused on marketing their podcast and engaging with their listeners, they also regularly give advice and simple tips on practicing self-care.

#SelfCareApp (@selfcaretheapp)

This is the official Twitter account of the #SelfCare app created by Eve Thomas. Available on the App Store and the Google Play Store, the app is a mobile game that allows users to virtually decompress by promoting deep relaxation. The page posts a ton of motivational quotes, self-care tips, and has also been reposting helpful articles on how to maintain your mental wellbeing despite being stuck indoors.

World of Self-Care (@worldofselfcare)

Founded by Georgia Dodsworth, a London-based activist for body positivity and mental health, the World of Self-Care is a social movement promoting self-care, self-love, and mental wellbeing through a series of workshops, talks, and other events. Their Twitter account facilitates online discussions between followers and experts on mental health, and it also gives important information regarding events and talks focusing on self-care that others may find interesting.

Self-Care Revolution (@SelfCareRevo)

The Self-Care Revolution is a 12-month self-care series that brings together renowned speakers and coaches in the fields of integrative, complementary, and alternative medicine. Started by Dr. Robyn Benson, D.O.M., the program’s official Twitter page gives followers access to valuable tools and resources that allow them to take their health into their own hands.

5-Minute Self-Care (@5minselfcare)

This self-proclaimed “self-care clock” encourages individuals to take at least five minutes each day to care for themselves. The page promotes better mental health, ensuring that everyone goes through their day feeling refreshed and invigorated. It also tweets self-care recommendations that can be done easily, such as switching off social media, writing down goals, doing some breathing exercises, and more.

Alison (@self_care1)

Self-Care Matters is a non-profit social enterprise that promotes a deeper public discourse on mental health. It recently started giving away self-care boxes filled with toiletries and other supplies to women who were suffering from mental health problems and had been admitted to Mother and Baby Units. Their Twitter page also provides support to mothers with mental issues, as well as encourages followers to do small random acts of kindness to spread positivity throughout their communities.

Expert Self-Care (@expertselfcare)

Dr. Knut Schroeder, G.P. helps various organizations and universities to provide health information through mobile apps. He is also the founder of Expert Self-Care and is currently tweeting updates about an app that is being developed to help medical teams fight the COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, the Expert Self-Care Twitter page contains a lot of helpful advice from community pharmacies.

Tolman Self-Care (@tolmanselfcare)

The Tolman Self-Care project shares the self-care philosophies and recommendations of Don Tolman, commonly referred to as the “Wholefood Medicine Man” and the “Indiana Jones of Wholefoods.” Tolman is known for starting the wholefood and self-care revolution, which encourages people to take responsibility for their health instead of relying on today’s healthcare industry. The Tolman Self-Care project was created by couple Zane and Inga Truscott who wanted to spread this message all over Australia through live events and workshops. They have also recently added an online shop on their website, through which individuals can access Australian-made and sourced natural solutions, as well as handcrafted self-care products.



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