Most Requested Speaking Programs

Planting The Seeds of Self-care (Team-building Workshop)

In this online interactive workshop for professional development and team building days, Aisha Moore creates a fun learning environment to discuss the impact of stress on personal and professional success. 

Topics Aisha will discuss:

  • How to identify the signs of burnout
  • The best way to clear the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from making self-care a habit.
  • Practical strategies for self-care
  • PLUS Live Sip & Paint to get started with practicing self-care right away about how to "Grow Your Self-care" and build your personalized self-care routine


Effective Feedback: Creating positive working relationships using open communication

Eight in 10 workers say they are stressed by at least one thing at work. Workplace conflict can be one of those stressors that can’t be avoided but it can be managed. This talk explores the four aspects of effective feedback that help team members openly address conflict in order to limit team disruption.

Topics Aisha will cover:

3 reasons why people fear feedback
● The four-part structure to giving effective feedback
What to do when you are not getting effective feedback
● Dealing with power dynamics



Self-care: #1 Superpower for professionals in the 21st Century 

As a recovered burned-out professional, Aisha knows how it feels to wonder how you will sustain success while having a healthy work-life balance. This is why she wants to share the secret sauce on how to design your life with your well-being in mind. 

Topics Aisha will discuss:

  • 3 challenges with stress professionals face
  • Well-being principles for professionals
  • A stress management framework to strengthen effectiveness.


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