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    I am a dynamic health and social justice professional that works with  changemakers to guide them to commit to a life changing self-care plan. I also work with mission-oriented organizations to train their changemakers to use self-care to develop a healthy leadership style.

    My Mission

    To contribute to a more equitable society by helping changemakers lead more balanced lives.

    My Defining Moment

    It was just a normal day at work. I had a meeting with my boss and I noticed that I was getting easily irritated with her. I blamed my demeanor on the fact that I was hungry and it was almost lunch time. I went to the elevators and started to feel dizzy. I found my office manager and she called an ambulance and I was wheeled out of my office on stretcher. I went to my physician and she recommended lots of test because I couldn’t point to a reason for my symptoms which included high blood pressure, nausea, and severe exhaustion. Because I feared passing out in public, I stopped taking metro to work. My life became very limited. I could no longer serve effectively as a leader on the job, in my three volunteer positions, and with my family. I couldn’t see that I was stressed out.

    I’m not stressed out. I love my job. I love what I do.

    I tried to keep going and push through but it only got worse. I started to get anxious that life wouldn’t ever be the same. I ended up taking two months off of work and then I was put on anxiety medicines. I hated the way those medicines made me feel. So I one day I decided that it was up to me to heal, repair, and change my life so I could go back to being a changemaker. I did a lot of reflection to identify the internal and external causes of my issues. From there I designed a self-care routine that would support a more healthy leadership style. In just a few months I was thriving.

    My doctors asked me how I did it because they wanted to share it with their other clients. They wanted to use my story as motivation for others. I started to get messages from friends who noticed how much I changed for the better. I went to a networking reception and I met Monique. I shared my story with her and she began to inquire about my self-care routine. She started writing down everything I said and by the end of the night she was introducing me to her friends as a “Self-care Expert.” That evening I put away my fears and took a bold step to start helping others make self-care a part of their lives. On that day, Self-care by Aisha was born.

    My Expertise

    For the past 15 years I have worked at the federal level and in communities to create a more equitable society. I received a Masters of Public Health from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill focusing on Health Behavior and Health Education. I have designed numerous workshops to help public health leaders change their organizations to have a greater impact on the people they serve. I have also spoken at conferences on the topic of public health leadership and community engagement. Most recently I completed my training in Health Coaching at University of North Carolina Greensboro.

    My Life

    Self-care Aisha is fulfillment of a commitment I made to my father to make a difference. I have been passionate about health and helping others nearly my whole life. I volunteered as a peer counselor for several years and helped many of my peers when they were in crisis. On several occasions I found myself assisting peers that were suicidal and had given up all hope for living. I wondered what we as society could have done to help these young people so we didn’t have to meet on the phone when in crisis. From those experiences I vowed to help people before they were in crisis and 20 years later it is still what fuels me today.