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Using The Four Tendencies To Supercharge Your Self-care

Feb 19, 2021

If I have learned nothing else from diving deep into personal development, it’s that self-assessment is key. What’s often missing from some of these online quizzes we take are the actionable steps of how to use the information. They tell us we are an NKTOB. That’s great but how does that help you on this journey called life? They give you a paragraph at most.

About a year ago I was introduced to Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies. I took the quiz as a part of team-building exercise and I felt incredibly seen. She describes how we respond to expectations through four tendencies:

Copyright Gretchen Rubin[/caption]

The best part about it is that she has two books that dive deeper into it so you can learn about your tendencies and those of others.

Better Than Before
The Four Tendencies

I’m a Rebel! Rebel's are rare. I tend to be the only Rebel in the room. I think it’s essential for you all to know this about me. Rebels are unswayed by unconventional desires,but we also have a tough time accomplishing things. The structure and routine that I consider crucial for reducing stress and remaining strong in the face of challenges are against my very nature. It’s incredible that I have been able to keep to a focus on self-care for so long.

It's why I am confident that all of the information, strategies, and courses that are under my Prioritize You framework will likely work for the upholders, questioners, and obligers that I work with.

When you know your tendency it can help you understand why you are overwhelmed and sticking to a self-care routine may not come so easy.

Upholders: You must do absolutely everything so you put too much on your plate and everything doesn't get done. You tend not to make room for self-care.
Obligers: You are going to have a lot on your plate and when given the choice you are going to do something for someone else instead of doing something for yourself.
Questioners: You will research and read about self-care trying to find the perfect solution but never actually put it into practice. You might not even believe that it will work for you.
Rebels: You may find something you like to do but you won't stick with it.

These are things that have to be overcome to customize your self-care plan so that it works for you. If you are interested in working with me to develop your customized self-care plan, shoot me a quick email.


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