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The Purpose of A Self-care Plan

Nov 18, 2018

You've downloaded your free self-care plan now what? Is this your first self-care plan?

If it is, you might be wondering why you need one and what it can do for you. While creating your plan, you have the chance to sit down and think about how to reduce your stress level, outsmart overwhelm, and bring more joy and meaning to your life. Here are a few things that should clarify the purpose of a self-care plan.

It addresses the unique characteristics of your life.

Has anyone ever given you advice and you thought, “this person doesn’t know me at all!” And that’s right they don’t. You are the only one who knows your true stress level, what resources you have, and the unique aspects of your situation. When creating a self-care plan of your own, you can be reassured that it reflects your life.

It is a preventive measure.
I do not believe in stress-free living. Things happen. However, if there is one thing that I’ve learned on my journey, it’s that we all can take control of our lives. You can take control by inoculating yourself against stress with a daily habit of self-care. With your self-care plan, you can make sure that you are always working to keep your stress levels low and stop things from becoming too stressful.

It takes the guesswork out of self-care.

If you lost your job or a loved one died today, how would you take care of yourself? If you already have a self-care plan in place, the answer is easy. You would just do more of what’s already in your plan. You will already know what’s nourishing and comforting to you and you can easily care for yourself. You will also be skilled in asking for help.

It ensures consistency.

One reason you might be stressed out is that you do not recognize stress and intervene before you feel overwhelmed by it. You keep powering through until it feels too big and then you start to feel helpless. With a self-care plan you can employ all the tools you have earlier.

It is more likely that you will to stick to plan and get the self-care you deserve.

You probably aren’t starting from zero with your self-care. I’m sure you are doing at least a few things that are helping you to reduce overwhelm. However, it’s probably not as consistent as you would like it to be. Having a plan can help you make things routine so that you benefit from self-care more regularly.


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