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  • Managing Digital Distraction To Find More Time for Self-care

    November 18, 2017 | Blog | Aisha Moore

  • I know you’re overwhelmed.

    You’ve got a lot you are balancing.

    It could be work, children, parents, grad school, or your business.

    All of the alerts from email and Facebook just add to the overwhelm.

    Managing all of that is stressful and makes you feel unfocused.

    You need to recharge.

    What do you do?

    Well many of us will grab our phone and next thing you know an hour has gone by from texting, Facebook, and Instagram.

    An hour you could have used for alone time, deep thinking, rest, or to work on your goals.

    The things you really want.

    No shame. We just have to align our actions with our goals.

    It’s easy to get lost but you can be more mindful with technology with a little intention and some useful tools.

    Because I know so many people are struggling with this, I sat down with my friend the Mindful Techie, Meico Whitlock.

    Meico is a speaker and trainer on mindfulness, technology, and productivity. Through his organization, Mindful Techie, he helps purpose-driven organizations & professionals reclaim their time from digital distraction, news and information overload, and work/life imbalance in a digital world. 

    In this interview we talk about:

    • Meico’s personal journey with mindfulness and digital distraction.
    • The biggest thing people struggle with when it comes to managing social media.
    • Practical tips for dealing with social media and email distraction.
    • How to deal with all the overwhelm from all the negative political news.
    • His favorite favorite podcasts, apps, and other tools that will help with distraction and clutter.

    Listen to the interview Managing Digital Distraction To Find More Time for Self-care with Meico Whitlock of Mindful Techie

    If you want to learn more about living a balanced life in a digital world, sign-up for a free breakthrough session with Meico and check out his courses and programs.

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