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  • Joy The Baker’s Chocolate Avocado Recipe

    This picture came up in my memories today. It may look just like a cupcake but it’s so much more.

    The day before this I was getting so annoyed at everyone I worked with. I yelled at one of my nicest coworkers.

    I had never done that before.

    So I picked up the phone, called my boss and my main client to say that I needed to go home and that I would take the next day off.

    I was burning out.

    The next day I reached out to a friend because she had just left a toxic work environment. So I was pretty sure she was available.

    She invited me over to hang out with her friends for a mini potluck. My husband was using our shared car so I set out to bake something with whatever we had in the house.

    That’s when I tried out Joy the Baker’s Chocolate Avocado cupcake. It was vegan and delicious.

    That was the self-care I chose that day.

    That’s all I knew how to do. Eat cake and vent.

    I now know that it was the right thing to do but it was only a temporary solution.

    I would have to eventually take months off work to see that I needed a life overhaul.

    I wish someone would have been there to help me see things before they got so bad.

    If you are reading this know that I am here for you.

    Anyone who is starting to see the signs of burnout and is looking for a sustainable solution.

    That could be a solution for you or the people you work with, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.