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  • Yesterday was 4th of July which means you probably had the day off. I had the day off and I took time this weekend to hang with friends and nurture relationships. I would show you the video of my karaoke adventure but no one wants to hear me sing No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” loud and off key.

    Instead I thought I would share my Facebook Live video from last week where I explain the difference between taking breaks and working on a life transformation.

    >>>>Watch Video<<<<<

    After posting the video I read the article “You’re doing your weekend wrong,” It’s a great companion to my video as it talks about the difference between casual and serious leisure. Simply put, most of us need to do more serious leisure aka personal growth aka transformation.

    We need to make sure that we have better quality free time. Doing stuff that’s going to take away stress and not just press the pause button on it. We need to transform. We have to work towards a lower stress lifestyle. It doesn’t magically happen on its own.

    My journey was full of breaks. I even took two months off from work and continued to suffer daily because I was on a break. But there was no real progress until I changed the way I related to the issues in my life. I had not changed one thought or one action. So I was sick and miserable

    I didn’t know I need to transform. I didn’t know how.

    When I finally got a clue that I had to transform my life, I stopped going through the vicious cycles of stress and overwhelm. I also have the tools that will prevent me from going back down that road.

    If you have been taking mental health days, try to not just binge watch Netflix the entire time. Take some time to work on your transformation.